Post-partum Support

I offer basic post-partum care to all my contracted clients at no additional charge.

Contracted care includes:

  • Up to two at-home visits in the first six weeks of baby's life

  • Basic breastfeeding support

  • Babywearing instruction

These visits don't have a time limit as I want to ensure that you are feeling supported, nurtured, and healthy. We'll spend some time debriefing your birth story from my perspective and you can ask any questions you want about your experience. Because of my personal experience with post-partum depression, I will also take special care to watch for signs that you may be experiencing feelings beyond "baby blues". 

Maternal post-partum care is so often overlooked and is a critical time for both mother and baby to bond. My goal is to make sure you feel like the warrior that you are and that you're being properly cared for. 

For those that wish for post-partum care outside of a birth doula contract, my rate is $20/hour.