Doula Services

After a complimentary consultation with me and signing a contract for services, we will meet at least two more times before your due date. During those visits, we'll discuss your desires for your birth and talk through any questions you may have. Together, we will create a birth plan that meets your needs and will work together to help you achieve those goals. 

All our pre-natal visits will take place at the location of your choosing (a coffee shop, park, your home, wherever!). There isn't ever a time limit on these meetings so that you have the time and space to work through any questions or concerns you have. While I cannot and will not offer medical advice, I will offer educated answers to your questions to help you make the most informed choices for your family. 

As we get closer to your due date, I will come to your home and you will learn some hands-on techniques we can/will use during your labor. My goal is to help you labor at home as long as possible so I'll teach you how to use the items and furniture in your home as labor tools as well. 


I am available for phone and email consultations immediately from the date that the signed contract is returned to me and receipt of payment of the Retainer Fee is confirmed. I encourage you to contact me with questions, concerns, and any updates. I will get back to you as soon as I can - this will usually be immediately, but definitely within 24 hours. 

My full doula service comprises all of this and so much more! Please contact me with any questions or if you'd like to schedule a complimentary meet-and-greet to see if working with a doula is right for you.

My current rate for full doula services is $650.