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Like many birth workers, I was first drawn to it after my own doula empowered me through two of the most defining moments of my mothering journey – the births of my two daughters.


My first pregnancy found me thousands of miles from my friends and family (being married to an active duty military member tends to do that) so I knew I would need my doula’s support to fill the void of becoming a mother without my lifelong support system nearby.   Her unbiased knowledge and advice and her calm, steady presence on our care team made such an impact that when we found out we were expecting our second baby, she was one of the first people we told…and we hired her again almost immediately!


I want every expectant woman (and her partner) to feel supported, heard, and respected during her journey into motherhood and beyond. As a longtime writer, editor, and storyteller, I know how life-changing these chapters can be.  Now, as a doula, I want to help others script their birth stories not out of fear or doubt, but with strength and confidence! By working with you, your partner, and your medical team, I ensure your choices and desires are properly and clearly communicated.

I will also work with you to answer any questions you have about all things pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond. I believe education is key to a successful mothering journey, regardless of the path you choose. I tell all my clients: "Strong women become strong mothers who raise strong children!" Strength comes not only from the body, but also the heart and mind. So ask the questions, get the answers, and make the best choices for your family.


Now...let's write a birth story you're proud to tell! 


I have been practicing yoga for over ten years and it has absolutely changed my life! For me, the most important thing I've learned from my practice is how to listen to and trust my body. Knowing when to push and when to pull back in my practice has been crucial to how I have approached my life and decisions for years. 

Yoga took on a whole new meaning for me when I became pregnant with my first daughter. I immediately hired a doula and, to my delight, she also happened to be a yoga instructor specializing in pre- and post-natal instruction. Her classes (and the community she has cultivated within it) helped me tremendously throughout both my pregnancies. 


After I completed my doula training, I found myself often referring back to ideas and processes I had learned in yoga. It was then I realized my work as a doula felt incomplete without a significant yoga component.  Because both yoga and pregnancy are such uniquely individual and personal experiences, it makes sense to me that one informs the other.

I love working with women - regardless of life stage - to help them learn to listen, trust, and take up space. 


I have been a trained doula since February 2018. I completed my training through DONA International while living in Japan. All my clients have either been active duty military spouses or contractors working with the US military overseas. 


In early 2020, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training online through Santosha Yoga Institute. I am proud to have volunteered with organizations like MOPS and Stroller Warriors, leading women in thoughtfully designed yoga practices. 


I am passionate about integrating yoga with birth work, helping women (and their partners) learn to trust their bodies and their instincts. I believe this is a valuable skill that will serve women well during their pregnancy, labor, and delivery and into their mothering journey. 


To learn more about my personal journey through life, visit Use,The,Clutch.



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I am SO HAPPY we chose to have Micah involved in the birth of our second son in Japan. You want someone in your corner who you can be your most authentic self with, and I found that in Micah. She was a resource for information, an emotional sounding board, and cheerleader rolled into one person. Having Micah there strengthened the amazing connection between my husband and I. She was supportive, compassionate, an advocate, and basically a L&D encyclopedia! I’d highly recommend her to other mamas for an informed, supported and empowered birth experience. ~Danielle H. 

Micah led multiple yoga practices for our running group of mothers. The energy she brought to her classes was fun and soothing all at once. She had an array of practices she would take us through, showing modifications for those who were pregnant, recovering postpartum, or following an injury. Kids were always running around during class, but she never lost focus. When COVID hit, she was flexible and even led a practice virtually. You always left her class feeling mentally and physically refreshed and limber. Micah is passionate about helping other women and sharing her yoga skills with them. I highly recommend taking her classes! ~ Kristin C. 

Micah is a wealth of knowledge on all things birth. Although I did not have the privilege of having her attend one of our births, she provided me with postpartum resources and support. She is a wonderful teacher and her yoga classes are exceptional. She has a gift for empowering other women! ~ Cecily E. 

I was so intimidated by having a baby in a foreign country. I knew that I wanted a natural and unmedicated birth, but I was afraid that the language barrier and cultural differences of the Japanese hospital would prevent me from doing so. Micah put all of my fears at ease! She advocated for me throughout labor and delivery, reminded me of my goals when I needed it, and encouraged proper birthing positions when I couldn’t think through the pain.

Since all of the nursing staff spoke little to no English, it was wonderful having Micah there to explain the phases of labor that I was experiencing, and explain the pain and sensations that were coming. I’ll never forget the encouragement she gave me while I was pushing, particularly at the end when I needed it most. Micah’s coaching and support allowed me to have the natural, unmedicated birth that I had envisioned and hoped for! ~ Jaclyn C.